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Rolling down the boardwalk in Daytona, FL, I was stopped by a kind couple. They spent the day sitting on broken cardboard boxes with an arrangement of colorful rocks they painted in order to help pass the time. Visibly it was clear that they were in distress, emotionally, physically (from use of narcotics), and financially.


Their outer appearance needed tidying up BUT THEIR HEART was pounding with sincerity. If you know me, you know that I am not easily swayed by someone’s emotions. I’m more touched by the actions of a person than what they say or cry. Yet it was something about this couple that gave me a glimpse into a world of compassion and respect. They simply stopped me to give this rock. Not to ask for money, not to tell me their problems, not to even ask questions about my disability.


They stopped me to tell me that I was a jewel full of purpose. They stopped me to encourage me and to pour into my life at a point when I needed it most. It was quick, it was brief but it was powerful. With the painted rock, they also helped give me the restoration I needed and ignited a flame of creativity and compassion in me. I left renewed. I left understanding a valuable revelation: To give to another while you are yet in need is one of the most selfless acts one can do.